I wanna make an alt

I mean a post that big shouldve been answered. Don’t bother with looking into it i can’t be bothered wasting another 6-8hours to go through chapters to be able to do monoliths, ty


How about this:

As soon as you have brought a character including class specialization to level 100, you can create “naked” copies of it and rename them once each. (maybe good gold sink)
→ This would allow you to create various builds for this master class without having to “respeck” and otherwise rebuild everything.

The whole procedure would have to be done for each of the 15 class specializations individually in this way.

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tbh just making us able to respect subclasses would make this a non-issue

Your class choice should already continue to mean something and not simply be interchangeable.

However, playing a master class long enough and far enough could at least earn you a nice bonus.
→ In this example, it would allow you to copy a master class.

Mike answered this on a previous Dev stream. The link to his answer is here at the 29:00 minute mark. The TL;DR is not before 1.0.


From a recent Developer Q&A on June 4th concerning this topic:
Alternate Leveling Options Video Answer (1 of 2)
Alternate Leveling Options Video Answer (2 of 2)

Summarized written answer (if you didn’t want to watch the videos):
The developers would like to add it, but it wasn’t planned as a feature from the start so adding it now would expand the initial scope of the game and they’re trying to complete the game with the features that are currently in the forecast so as to release it. This feature may receive more consideration after launch, but currently the campaign will be the primary source of leveling new characters at launch.


This is what burns me out the hardest in PoE. I get 2 or 3 characters deep into a new league, want to play more builds, but just can’t stomach repeating the campaign more. It’s been a problem for a long time.


Here is what I do not understand about many PoE vets. How long does it take for you to complete the 10 acts and open the atlas? 5-6 hours at most? you cannot endure that? It takes me just under 5, not tytykiller speed level but quick enough. Sounds like you are complaining about growth. Then you get to the Act 1 completion at level 9 mervail and level 13 weaver, etc. you get better at the core mechanics and knowing what to do.

They rarely answer anything on the forums, usually the only time a gold post pops up without being to break up a fight is when someone thinks something is broken that isn’t (like minions casting spells that have the same name as necromancer spells, but not gaining from talents on that spell)

Did someone say alts?

3-4 runs through the campaign ain’t nothin’! :slight_smile:

Thems rookie numbers. I’ve got 66 & I dread to think how many @McFluffin or @boardman21 have.

True, but in my defense, I’m in my 50’s, work fulltime (and then-some), have a family, and really only play nights. I also only got LE like 1.5 - 2 months ago… :slight_smile: Gimme more time, I’m workin’ on more!

I currently have 127 alts. Although I wouldmt count many of them. Some are dead HC ghost from tourneys. A couple are still level 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

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call me old fashioned, but i’m one of those people that believe that a game should only allow as many character sltos as there are classes (so 15, in this case)
mind you, that’s a philosophy for online games, where the characters are stored server side and people with 127 alts would cause massive resource issues, but this seems unnecessary.

Actually, our characters are currently stored as files (a lot of overhead) and are only 50kb or less. As data inside a relational or NOSQL database, they would take much less space. Given the cheap price of disk, game companies with 1 million players could allow 1000 alts and not even get close to filling up their disk space.

Just sayin’.

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Even though respeccing within a mastery is fairly easy in LE.

The sheer amount of different builds you can do within one mastery is crazy with LE’s skill system.
If a player puts in the effort and time to level 10 paladins to play them slightly different, they should be able to do this.

Storage capacity is no real concern anymore in todays day in age. (Especially for something like characters saves, which do not cost alot of space, we are talking <1mb per character)

And how many characters do you suppose we have played over the years? (For me it’s easily in the hundreds.) How often do you think we want to repeat the same non-content, because in that game pretty much everything before maps is irrelevant by design. If you take 3 or 4 characters just to the end of the campaign, you’ve burned a day on just that with almost nothing to show for it. The campaign in these kinds of games only has value on the first (and maybe second) character. After that, people just want to play the endgame systems. This is because the campaign doesn’t offer anything once you complete it, so either you go the D3 route and acknowledge it’s basically pointless while designing the game for how players actually play -or- you have to go back and find a way to add meaning to the campaign so that it can be see as legitimate content by the players.

I am a PoE vet since beta. I have lost count as to the 100’s of characters I have played myself. What I am meaning is what is 5% of the playtime relative to the rest of the time spent on the build. It’s a drop in the ocean.
Too many players nowadays seem to think that the endgame is the beginning. That is like reading a story backward. Skipping to the end because you know the ending of the tale. What I am trying to explain from a gaming developer’s point of view is that you should start setting different goals in the campaign. I mentioned earlier a level 13 weaver kill on HCSSF.
This is just an observation that there are many impatient players. That statement is not meant to criticize your time or efforts.
I am attempting to determine what is causing this trend, beyond just burn-out, or boring, or just instant level from the character creation screen in WoW.
I have stated before, you have to have that hook in either the story or as a part of the engaging features of the game or it will fail to entertain. Each player will come to the result of entertainment differently.
I don’t think you are complaining just to complain. You have genuine concerns and like to see LE succeed where others have failed you in the past. You’re invested in LE and that is a good thing, but to spend a majority of the time on the negative brings your spirit down. This is making it more difficult to grow in many other ways.
I think there are faults in LE, sure I do, you have read plenty of them. However, this is not one of them, yet. Maybe after release, once things get stabilized in the MP 0.9 expansions. With the release of more content. After playing that content then that is WHEN I would bring your concerns up. I just think it’s a bit premature to keep beating the drum of a boring campaign when it’s not even finished yet.

It’s pretty much this simple. Asking players to create artificial goals, because the content lacks purpose inherently, isn’t the correct approach to the problem. It’s not a player issue, fundamentally; it’s a design issue. It’s a symptom of so many ARPGs thinking they have to start where D2 did, copy its base framework. They don’t. D3 showed one valid approach. Grim Dawn showed another. LE is in this in-between space where it does neither correctly. I don’t think it’s improper to think this should be fixed before release unless they just don’t care how well it will be received on release.

I am not attempting to have players create artificial goals. I am stating them because for many that is what drives them to achieve more. That does not work for you, so I won’t belabor the issue.
I think we can agree that any new game will lack content. So from that point. Let us take a little journey together.
It took at least two expansions in the gold box era of games to get to the end. Go back to the Pools of Radiance setting you are level 1 and try to go meet Eliminster in Pools of Darkness at that point you will be blasted to smithereens before you even thought about going into the planes.
So from a content perspective, there is plenty there but it took many years to get there. Pools of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Secrets of the Silver Blades, and Pools of Darkness were considered the golden age for a reason.
Now fast forward to today, we demand more, in less time, perfectly done without taking any deviations, forgetting the developer’s vision, it’s about what I want.