I think this might need to get nerfed

i’m just getting annihilated… why can maps roll void enemies deal 150% + 150% and rare enemies deal 120% increased damage at the same time? we should at least be able to remove these things somehow and decrease our rarity manually, but it’s not explained how to do that
(pic below: link says may contain 18+ content but it’s just the monolith mods)

pls explain :)
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simply avoid stacking thme maybe ? just go another route until the first modifier is gone… then pick the next 150% increased damage … ?

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Before choosing echoes you are always presented with what new modifier will be added and how long they last.

There is no chance of removing enemy modifiers without doing an echo.
You need to do a echo with easier modifiers to reduce the counter on existing modifiers.

As a tip: 1st and 2nd Quest Echoes and Beacons do count as a completed echo, while not adding new modifiers

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Actually the first and second quest echoes do reduce the counter, I have done that intentionally at times. I don’t know if this is intended to be the case but at this time it is.


That’s what I said 1st and 2nd and Beacons do that.

D’oh! My bad, for some reason I inserted “not” in my head.

It’s not like PoE where maps can’t roll 2 of the same modifier, those are two separate mods that last a duration so if you pick another one whole the forst is still running…

Stacking damage mods is funny, but have you tried stacking life mods to make enemies 10x tankier?
Echo mods and loot should be rebalanced, so that loot scales appropriately with difficulty. Right now echo mods can multiply with each other, increasing difficulty by several times, while loot stays almost the same. Some mods feel too weak, some overpowered. My “favorite” is crit avoidance combined with life into a single mod, that increases echo completion time by several times

My favorite is taking a +125% damage mod and having the evil mono bug duplicate that. :joy:

Thankfully, that appears to be getting scrubbed in 0.9.1. :beers:

@AndrewTilley and I were running stuff once and we had like +800 or +900 damage at 200 corruption because of multiple bug instances. It was hilarious.

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What is this… nooo… it cant be… An ERROR!!!


How though. If your build has a lot of damage but not as much defences, hp-type mods would be easier than damage-type mods. If you’re a dot build then crit avoidance is a non-issue, if you’re an ailment build then dodge is cancer but if you’re a non-ailment dot build then that’s a non-issue as well. Frenzy/haste when hit is always going to be bad unless you’re a non-ailment dot build.

So while i agree in principle, in practice balancing them either depends on what the player is using, or would push people towards/away from certain builds if the balance went too far.

Phone keyboards plus fat fingers are not conducive to accurate typing.

Old military saying: Maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters. :wink: :crazy_face:

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I though that was “incoming fire has right of way”?


My personal take is ‘map modifiers’ are kind of old now and need to be ditched as its just a blatant copy of PoE ‘risk vs reward’ more modifiers = higher quantity/packsize. PoE’s mapping for me is run a map with no more than 2 damage modifiers if I dont want to die and lose hours of XP in one death due to some scenario where I stacked too much damage on some rare mob which also has its own modifiers of ‘Powerful crits’ ‘Substantial Physical’ which paired with a map modifers of ‘Enemies deal xx increased damage’ ‘Enemies have 300% more crit chance’ = an automatic death if you encounter the wrong mob on a build that mathematically cannot survive the hit

I would rather EHG scrap all passive monolith buffs and change or even remove the modifiers to something else that adds difficulty but doesnt just make some things outright bullshit, namely just scaling Corruption much harder and doing the D3-4 system of rare mobs having affixes of abilities - but we arent going to get that added as its too late

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We aren’t going to get it anytime soon certainly, but (you may wish to sit down) I agree. It would be nice if EHG could come up with something different in this regard, what, I have no idea…

We’ve been complaining about echo modifiers for quite some time. We only heard crickets from the devs.
My guess is we wont see any rework until after the official release. Sooo… good luck, you’ll sure as fuck gonna need it.