I think the early game might a little to easy on multiplayer

I invited a friend to play the game tonight. He purchased the game and me, him and my cousin played together as a three man group.

The new player, who I invited, literally fell asleep because the difficulty was so easy. As a three man group the mobs die instantly before you can even do your damage rotation.

Please buff the mobs hp significantly so we can interact with the beautiful game you’ve made and also so that my friend doesnt fall asleep becuase all he has to do is follow along and cant play the game.

Thank you

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Just want to add,… He was very excited to play the game (so was I). And he still fell asleep. (I almost did too)… Please buff the hp of the mobs significantly on multiplayer. Thankyou

Yes, the devs are aware that the campaing is (and always has been) very easy. They’ll give is a balance pass at some point.

Is there a post where they state this? Just curious

On the forum? Not sure, probably on discord though. But yes, the campaign is a bit of a snoozefest in sp, let alone mp where you can have up to quadruple the dps.

Right. Im just posting this to make sure they know that. He literallyr fell asleep

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Try Hardcore if its too easy

It was hardcore

I would say Masochist, but it’s not been enabled for MP.

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Yeah, they should enable it for multiplayer out the gate. I mean the single player experience is probably a little bit to easy but multiplayer is just a joke… specially if u play OP howl and buff your party like i was doing

Yeah, so weve been playing a fairly large amount of multiplayer and I can confidently say the mobs need more HP. The amount of power you can gain as a four man group with buffs and synergies far outweighs the small amount of HP the enemies gain.

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I agree, the difficulty needs a major bump. I play with a friend and reactions like “oh was that the boss?” happenend several times so far. :smiley:

Dunno about density adjustments but HP should be buffed quite a bit. I’m also hoping for something like additional moves for bosses that scale with player count, so moves/mechanics that happen more frequently the more players are fighting a boss mob. Maybe even only unlock with a certain number of players making the fight a truly different experience than in SP.
Dunno if that is a good idea but in my head it sounds fun.

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I agree that it would be great to see some more mechanics for multi-player but I feel like that is something the devs probably don’t have time to do. At least not now.

Meanwhile, I feel like increasing the mobs HP pools would be significantly less work on their end and would greatly increase the enjoyment of multiplayer.

Another concern I have is about how mobs only gain health when a friend joins the area you are in. Meaning that it is actually optimal for everyone to just split up and do activities separately anyways… But I guesss that is an entirely different can of worms