I think companion limit as a mechanic is bad for primalist

I understand that companion limit was designed to make primalist focus on a few bigger minions instead of a swarm. But it has unintended consequences(also acolyte is the big minion class, so the identity of the big minion class isn’t even primalists)

The consequence being that primalist only runs wolves and birds, as these two can be summoned up to the limit(and have good skill trees, with wolves being the ONLY ones with inbuilt extra crit), so there is no reason to spec into bear or raptor when you will just summon 4 wolves and will not have an open companion slot to put a bear into.

This basically means that the other minions need to be FAR more powerful than wolves for someone to be willing to put them in a companion slot instead of a wolf, as it would also use up a specialisation. Just being equally powerful or slightly better will not be enough to justify running it with how companion limit currently works.

I think companion limit should either be removed or that it should not apply to the bigger single summon minions.

Yeah I agree.

Was looking at lastepochtools for builds using the kitty, and it only brings up 2 builds.
One for leveling, and one that needs a lvl 79 unique to even function, and even then it’s kinda mediocre.

If only I could run around with 5-6 kitties :c

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