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I really need some advices

Ok, ive started LE for a couple of months now. I have a problem, I had been following the lev 1 to 75 guides on all classes but I kept changing half way through. I don’t even have a end game toon. My highest leveled is 65 Necro. I need some advices on how u guys pull through the end game build? Some builds seems really interesting but u cant get there till high level but I just seem to concentrate on a char…maybe something wrong with me…hahaha

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I have 54 characters and climbing, so I can’t help ya! :slight_smile: lol

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I have had exactly two characters out of dozens survive to empowered monos before I delete and remake them ‘because I could do it better next time.’

This is going to sound flippant, but it really is this simple:

Instead of giving up on your character before it’s hit end game, don’t give up on your character before it’s hit end game.

It takes a build that’s so bad it would almost have to be deliberate not to be able to get further than 65. If you’re following the hand-hold guides, there’s no reason you’re not going to get where they take you.

I think the problem is I lost interest in that toon halfway through before it reaches end game. I am always looking at all the interesting builds around but most are end game builds which I could not last…

Those of us that have gone through many patches have a farming toon. It may not be our preferred one, but it can gather items, gold, and unlock content. This build is usually an easy to play, boring build that can manage the content clear to the start of the endgame with relatively little expense.
Usually, that is what the sentinel/paladin does well then add in stat stacking methods such as health regen and % health regen on 3 specific items and that can take you all the way to 90. I typically upgrade gear at the base item level changes, such as level 45 for heroboran boots. Every build guide should be taken with a grain of salt as it is a guide. Make sure you understand the principles of what makes the build function. If it is a unique item-dependent build, then usually do not start it until you get the item. Some builds are the combination of stats, skills, and passives all working together at a certain breakpoint to make it viable.
One of the things I would like to see LE build creators do is say this build is viable or able to start using it at XX level in the very beginning of the guide.

Honestly, It sounds like you just don’t enjoy the game. Nothing wrong with that and you shouldn’t force yourself to keep playing because then that defeats the purpose.

I think best way is to have a goal/ ideal setup for a build and keep working towards that. Like for example once I hit lvl 20 shurikens I will have enough points to get the phys shred nodes which will boost my dmg by quite a bit. Once I hit 20 on dread shade I can get all the dmg nodes I want in its tree. Once I hit lvl 75 I have enough passive points to reach into blades of the folorn passive which will give my minions very high crit multi or disciples of necromancy which gives +1 skele mage, etc.

A lot of cool basetypes and uniques also can be equipped only after lvl 66-75 for eg: Hollow blade, Valdyr’s chalice, Bardiche, Reign of winter, Bhuldar’s wrath, Gaspars will, fulgurite shard, etc.

Also higher level areas have a slightly better chance of rare mods like +level of abomination, flat dmg to javelin, adaptive spell dmg while channeling, etc. which is further incentive to farm there.

Please don’t mistaken, I am really enjoying the game. I literally plays everyday. It’s just that I could not concentrate on a toon till high level. For example, when I leveled till all 5 skills slots opens, when I find it difficult to continue or keep dying, I’ll look at a new build to play. I know I should persevere and continue but hahaha …

Enjoy the game the way you like most . There’re no rules about that. Nobody makes you level up any character above 60- 70lvl if you don’t feel like it. It is your game play as you wish and don’t feel guilty :smiley:

I will add one thing.

I’ve discovered that you sometimes have to Spec your character one way while leveling, and then Respec it once it is higher level. Quite a number of builds do not work from level 1-60.

So my main advice is - not only should you embrace the Respec, but you should actively plan (as in, two Build Planner layouts) to Respec some builds.

Exactly my question, how u go about doing that?

You decide on other Skills and/or ways to deal damage which fit as close to the final build as possible.

One easy example:
Say you want to make a Firebrand/Flamereave Mage build. Well, you can’t even get Flamereave until you get your mastery, and Firebrand until you’re 35 points spent into it! So, you have to have an alternate build. You could use spells like Volcanic Orb or Fireball with passives and gear with added Fire Damage or Elemental damage, knowing that those same passives/gear will be fine once you swap to melee with Firebrand and Flamereave.

I have 54 characters and climbing, so I can’t help ya! :slight_smile: lol

I’m not quite as bad but I’m in this boat. To be honest, I don’t care to get a lvl 100 and grind, I’m just testing out stuff, see what I like, help with classes if I can, that sort of thing.