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I really hope in full release they will remove arena bullshit from timelines

Im talking about when you do timelines in each map there is different quest you need to do to finish timeline the dumbest one by far is arena where you need complete 12-18 wawes you get no rewards at all from doing it and its time consuming why is it even there??? i could literally do 5 other maps with any other quest than doing 1 timeline map with arena quest in it

Disagree. I realy enjoy them from time to time.

you can disagree all you want but you cant seriously tell me that it makes sense that this is by far the longest quest to do and you literally get no rewards at all

We need various activities for all kinds of players.
And no echo is mandatory, so you will rarely be forced to play an Arena in order to reach the next echo.

actually im forced alot of times becuz if i choose not to do it then i gotta go the other way around and it will take me several extra nodes to go around it

Hence you’re not forced. It is not mandatory.
But I see your point. I have the same with Solarum Ascent echoes or Alpine Hall echoes. I always do what I can to avoid them.

I get why they’re in monolith, but I tend to have the same reaction as Deviant when they come up. The really petty and spiteful part of me sometimes smiles at the thought of the game interrupting someone’s arena push with a good Void Spire Alpine Halls :smiling_imp:

I know that’s a false equivalency. I would just like to be able to play the endgame system I prefer without running into those scenarios whereevery path to go deeper into the echo web requires doing an arena echo. They do come up, as I’ve had it happen

You aren’t forced to do them, you choose to do them because you either want the reward that it gives or you want to get to a more desirable node on the other side. But you aren’t even slightly forced to do them (unless they happen to make up 100% of all the adjacent nodes, which is not going to happen).

but my point is why the arena echo is unrewarding like literally sometimes a monster drop a shard and thats it from 18 wawes that doesnt make any sense taking into the account that this is the longest echo to do atleast make it rewarding

Because arenas don’t drop loot from the mobs. I don’t think that’s entirely reasonable for the monolith version but that’s why.

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