I probably wont play the game any longer. Anyone reading this who is tryong to decide to buy or not I would encourage to get the game as it was very fun

There are certain aspects of the game (such as specific mobs and mechanics) that i struggled with. I originally thought that was just because it was early beta. I have now learned that I am the only one struggling. Most people find the story too easy, where as i found it increasingly difficult with each character i leveled. Most people have enjoyed the crafting system and have incredible luck crafting the gear they need, where as I have fractured every single piece of end-game gear ive tried to craft in over 400 hours of game play, except for 3. Too much RNG for my taste. Again im the ONLY one to have these difficulties and I encourage anyone reading this, who doesn’t have the game, to buy it and try it.

EDIT: There a few minor things in the game but they making it un-enjoyably for me to play at the moment. I was getting more frustration than enjoyment. I will still be active in the forums and discord though.

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Probably good to take a break for a while. Come back and play down the road. It looks like you helped out quite a few people . Take care

PS- I was just thinking how frustrating and masochistic the crafting system is in this game. The penalties will have to change .

DONT GO! We all struggle with breaking. Have you watched my streams? I throw out more f bombs during crafting than i do dealing with idiotic people at work all night. How hard it is to craft a perfect 4 t5 item is what makes it so satisfying when you do it. But This is beta, if you do leave come back when We go online and have MP. It will be a fresh restart for everyone. And you wont get down seeing those crazy hacked offline numbers on the leaderboard.



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I crafted ONE in a year. That’s how unlucky you can be ^^.

I don’t rly understand people complaining how hard it is to get full T5 gears. EHG don’t expect players to have full T5 gears. This is something hard and not supposed to be reached for all gears of your stuff. End game builds should rely on strong double/triple T5s on each gear or maybe full T4. You might have one or 2 full T5 gear if you really farm and trade but this is more on a long term investment.
My philosophy is the following : try to max T5 for defensive affixes. When you reach your defensive objectives, start trying to get nice damage affixes. In that way, you will scale your damage output the more you play and try to craft new gears. Being capped in defense isn’t that hard, double T5 on a gear is fairly easy (I usually use 3 stability runes for the first 3 affixes, then I complete with 7 guardian and here you go, you have a double T5 gear that is great) Of course I will break gears but it is fine ! (and when I break a gear I shatter it to get back a part of the affixes I put on it) The biggest struggle for crafting is having enough Guardian, I often run out of it and I need to farm Monolith to get a new stock.


Please don’t. I’m pretty sure many others and me as well would not have had such an easy start with this game if not for your kindness to answer questions and knowledge. 4T5 are not important and I hope you can smile about the fact that no matter how many 4T5s one has, we will get a fresh start with zero 4T5s once the game is released. :slight_smile:

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I don’t care that much about it. It’s a gamble if you can get what you want on an item. Maybe you are lucky or you need a lot of time to get things done but the story and monolith part is playable with all T3 gear and getting this is pretty much managable. Having no 4T5 everywhere is kind of a first world problem to me.

If you need help learning the game, dm me.

I think straight up giving up is a mistake. At the most, I would take a break and come back after 1 or 2 more updates or even the next phase.

At the least, ask for help/advice from the community.

Just my 2cents. The game is too early to fully judge it. Believe me, I have some pretty strong judgements but I absolutely won’t voice them until the game is “Fully Launched”.

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I think it is more important to give Feedback now while still beta to eventually make the game even better for when it will be officially out, imo.


Hey man, i also have every single piece fractured, some had damaging fractures as well. I think i only have one 3xt5, none 3xt5 + t3 or similar. So far i think the biggest factor is a need for an item filter similar to the one of grim dawn, which i admit must not be easy to have such a good filter.

Anyway i keep the game installed and check for updates from time to time, because like you kinda mention it is worth it, i am eager to try out any major addition especially on VK

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