I picked Void Knight but more new questions have risen

Hello everyone.
So i just got to the point to chose a spec and i picked up Void Knight, as you can see in the screenshot i posted e already have 30 points spent in the Sentinel.
I don’t know what’s the max level for characters in Last Epoch but should i be concerned for having 30 points in the Sentinel passives? Should i reset and start a complete new build in the Void Knight tree and go full void or i still need to have points in the Sentinel tree?

I would love to hear your suggestions about this…plus i picked Void Knight even not knowing if it’s a good spec xD

Good vibes to you all!

You’ve not linked the screenshot, but no, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you took one of the top two passives (blademaster or mail crusher?).

You need to have at least 20 points in the base class tree to access the void knight tree (& have done the mastery quest at the end of time).

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For most builds leveling up you take 20 base class and rush your mastery (in some cases even other skill trees) to unlock your skills and core passives.

Adding more points in base class if needed is something i usualky do later …

But if you do not really want to unlock skill x asap just go on if it works.

Removing the 10 extra points is only some thousand gold … dont worry

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There is no “bad” spec in the game, but Void Knights can be very powerful, sure.

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Hello i’m really sorry for the screenshot i wanted to upload it but it doesn’t accept the format of the file :frowning:

That’s not expensive how can i remove the 10 extra points?

Upload it to somewhere like imgur.com and link it.

In the council chambers/end of time there is a pink brain lady that will allow you to respec your passives.

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Here it is with the link :slight_smile:


You only linked the direct link to one screenshot of the VK tree, which does not have any passive points yet :smiley:

We need either the link to the whole album (if you uploaded all screenshots in one album)
Or the direct link to the sentinel tree.

Oh yeah i only linked that screenshot. i know that the void knight currently has no points in it but i was wondering if i should take off some points from sentinel since i have 30 points in there?
Here’s the link with the points i have in Sentinel :smiley: https://imgur.com/JcdJcxJ

P.S.: I’m such a noob in this Imgur thingy sorry xD

You can remove some of the points if you want, it’s entirely up to you.

There is really no wrong or right. If you really want to spend 30 points in Sentinel that’s fine, usually the passive points further up in the tree are slightly mroe impactful (but there are some really strong passive poitns even in the first few rows too)

I personally would say, if you want to make use of either the “Blademaster” or “Mail Crusher” passive in the very top left and right you can do that.
It really depends if you want to not unlock some of the Void Knigths skills first.

Right now you invested alot of points in medicore passives, that are definitelys better spend on other points form a budget/point perspective.

But for more detailed tips we would need to know more specifics about your build.

VK has some crazy strong passives, especially offensive ones and leech.

Also do not neglect the Paladin and Forgeguard Passive Tree, there are some really strogn nodes, that are easy to reach.

TL:DR: Having more than 20 points in the base class is totally ok, but you should try and take really strong passives, instead of jsut putting poitns in just for the sake of putting points in.

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That’s the thing about me and ARPG’s, i do love the genre but many times i kinda feel lost in the talents or skills to aim for, which makes me feel stupid playing these games and being a forever noob :frowning: , in LE i’m loving the bladestorm skill i just love it :slight_smile: how many total points can i spend in this tree in total?

There is no limit on how many points you can spend in any passive tree.
the only restriction you have is, for non-mastered mastery tree, you can’t unlock skills above the 25 point mark.

But in theory you could spend literally lal your points in FG or Paladin

Restictions for non-mastered tree? How does one master them?

You can only mastery one mastery, the one you choose the the quest after chapter 3.

Only teh mastery choose will unlock you the exclusive skills (one on selection and every otehr skill above the 25 point mark)

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