I need precisions on Cinder Strike

So I’m trying to theorycraft a Cinder Strike Falcon Fist build and I really need more info on different interactions.

  • First of all it has both melee and bow tag but does it only take the best of the two or add both ?
    Example : If I play a quiver in off hand, does my melee attack speed from the gloves scale with quiver bow attack speed affix ?

  • Secondly, how does added melee dmg work on the skill ? (I mean the repartition, is it full physical or both physical and fire ?)

  • Also would like to know if anyone had stats on the overall dmg repartition of the spell is it phys first and second attack then both phys and fire on the third ?
    Overall that would seem to be both logic and weird since it means it has only 1/4 of fire dmg but the affix level of Cinder Strike buff fire dmg instead of buffing melee.

  • How much does a point of dexterity add in terms of dmg ?

  • Last question, how great is around 100 stack of armour shred on bosses (cuz that’s what my build is averaging). It sounds massive but I’m not even sure if it’s that huge.

If you are using it with a melee weapon, or unarmed in this case, it will not scale with your bow increases for damage, attack speed, etc. It only has both tags because it can be used either way.

I don’t know exactly why it has a phys tag, my guess is that hits 2 and 3 are phys and hit 1 is the fire AoE, but regardless and especially with Falcon Fists, you’re stacking a ton of flat fire damage, so you’d want to scale fire damage and melee damage regardless, not phys at all.

Every point of Dex is 4% increased damage and the extra flat from the gloves themselves, that depends on the roll on your gloves.

100 Stacks ain’t bad, it’s inifitely stacking technically, but 100 is a good start, but the answer to the question of “how much is enough armor shred” is “Yes.”

Thanks for the precisions, I’d have one more question if you know the answer.
Falcon fist gives you added melee dmg per lvl of falconry, which type of dmg is it ? Cuz my guess would be that it ends up physical for strike 2 and 3 and then it goes 1 point phys and 1 point fire for strike 1 but that would mean that stacking % fire dmg will not be that great.

The added damage is fire damage from levels of falconry.

Oh really, cuz that’s not specified as fire ? Well that’s good then.

The gloves don’t specify a damager element so it should use the tags from the skill which is phys & fire.

So melee damage from this gloves will split into 50% physical and 50% fire? If in this situation, does that mean sources of fire resistance shred and penetration, also increasing fire damage can only work with half of the whole damage? This seems weird cuz there’s no “phys convert to fire “node on the skill passive tree of Cinder strike, and how can we reasonably improve damage with this gloves?

Correct. It’s an issue.

From what I have seen these gloves dont scale correctly somewhere along the line

Seen a decent setup with lvl 28 Falconry doing sub 4k crits at lvl 90+

My Healing Hands Paladin was doing more damage on just the Rive portion, these gloves are BiS for HH Paladin with 3LP imo