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I need a new Gamer Laptop, recommendations please?

@best laptop for podcasting Last week my apartment was burgled and all systems were taken. I need one steady reliable laptop just for games. I don’t care for desktops anymore. I was feeling secure with a really neat Asus F3Ja before this happened.

Specs were great(2.00 Dual Core, 2046Ram, graphics 256Mb),
but now I need another rig to make me playing all games as before and ofcourse a bit better as times have changed.
I ask for some tips here, I don’t care for ordinary desktop systems just laptops.

Well, we could start by asking you what your budget is for a new gaming laptop?

What @Bankaikiller said…

Budget is by far the most restricting part of getting a laptop and salespeoples eyes light up when someone says “For Gaming”. There are lots of new options coming soon with Intel 12th gen mobile chips, various mobile GPU updates and there are plenty of pretty good options from 2021 that are battery guzzing performance beasts with 3080 gpus and 17" monitors but your budget is going to dictate what you get…

personally, I absolutely loathe laptops and would never game on one, but each to their own.

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This is what I’m currently using. I bought it at Wal-Mart about a year and a half ago around $1100 and with the 2-year protection plan, it came to around $1350. It isn’t at the top of the gaming specs that could be had, but it sure was a nice improvement from the old laptop I was running on an old intel HD8400 graphics card with only 8GB RAM (upgraded from 4GB). Needless to say, I’d venture to say that the system I am on now allows me to play at a mostly steady 60 fps on 1080p graphics (but ofc I tuned that down to a 1600x900 resolution for more stability in fps on medium graphics so I don’t melt my hardware, at least until I can get some upgrades in my cooling/fan system) :stuck_out_tongue:

You can probably get this gaming laptop a lot cheaper now than what I paid for it.

I used to be an accountant for a monitor manufacturer & one of the things I did was regarding the warranties, they were so profitable for us, the likelihood of the monitors breaking within the warranty period was so low. So just be aware that whenever you take out something like that for the most part you’re just giving them some extra cash.

Which is nice, thanks. :slight_smile:


well they didn’t call me a whale in PoE for nothing :stuck_out_tongue: haha (those days are long gone now though).

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