I might be greedy, but what about fusing rares together?

i’m thinking about a system a bit like legendary at the end of a dungeon but allowing us to fuse two rare/exalted items together.
With the resulting items picking affix from each semi-randomly, with a resulting total affix level being distributed around the average of both items.
It could need at least 1 forging potential and would lead to 0 forging potential remaining (to not reuse the same item again) or just the 0 resulting

for exemple :
i fuse a t6/T4/T5/T3 (T18) item with a t6/t4/t2 (t12). Resulting average tiers would be T15, with a change to pick a higher or lower combinaison of affix. So in this exemple it could mean T6/T6/T3 or T6/T4/T2/T3 (or any other combinaison that end up at T15) with a lower chance of others combinaison

So 32 combinaisons (64 with the base), then it would filter out the impossible one (2 times the same affix) and weight the resulting total tiers around the average of the original items

i might seems a bit complex like that but it might bring another semi-deterministic way of crafting items that would be useful on the early - what if i fused thoses two random exalted together? - and high end - i spend a lot of time crafting thoses two T27 rares, time to gamble.

Now that i wrote it it does seems like i’m talking about recombinator from POE, shit

Not quite the same thing, but there’s already an experimental mechanic kinda like this in the game: Merophage

ah yes, i did forgot about this one.
Honestly i have a dozen tabs full of ‘maybe one day’ random exalted that i’d like to dump somewhere with a chance of doing something usefull

even if its just feeding them to a legendary

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