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I love this place

I love this forum.

There are passionate debates quite often but it seems to rarely devolve into ad hominem or vitriol.

There are a lot of people on this forum that are quite hard to understand due to language barriers, but I have not once seen anyone mess with someone about it. On the contrary, I see a lot of people dig through it to understand it to participate in meaningful discussion with the users.

Devs are active and friendly. They actually read peoples comments and suggestions and bring them up in meaningful places and ways.

This is, by far, the best internet community I have ever been a part of.

Thanks to everyone for being part of, and contributing to, this civil community.


Agree. Let’s hope it stays that way for as long as it can.


:slight_smile: This’ helped and helps a little now and then (they sit near Cologne): DeepL Translate

Yeah, but Boardman is American, he has no excuse…


I could think of one British accountant. Double language barrier.

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Seems more like an intellect deficit to me. :joy: (little sorry for that) :joy:

English is basically just a poorly spoken Frisian, which in turn belongs to the group of West German languages.

Love you all.


I find Last Epoch really interesting … I think it could become a great game, focusing even more on the plot. The style of play is my favorite I love it … keep it up. Surely this is not the time … but if there was the possibility, in some way, to have a translation “subtitles” in other languages, it would be a really great thing. In my case “Italian” let’s say that it would be more “usable” in any case also in English … maybe it takes me longer to understand certain things but in the end I can do it :slight_smile:

I’m actually 55% Irish

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Lets not go there…


Oh please, please, please do… the fireworks would be worth an extra bag of popcorn :smiley:

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I posted a few comments, and no one blamed me for my bad english.

I agree so much !

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