I lost an legendary item that I couldn't pick up

I couldn’t pick up an legendary item dropped by a quest, when i change the map to fix the error, the item was no longer, the npc is named Artem the glamber.

Do you have a screenshot of this occurring? Any additional information you may have on what happened would help a lot. :]

same issue here. Quest name is Artem’s offer. After it’s completetion Artem’s gave me reward (some legendary amulet) but I wasn’t able to pick it up. I saw it on the ground, could hover mouse on it but wasn’t able to pick it up.

The same thing happened to me yesterday, it dropped a unique bow, marked on the minimap, but instead of having the orange box written bow on it, it was just an empty orange box, and clicking it didn’t pick the bow up, leaving the area and coming back fixed it and I was able to pick it up.

Sorry I didn’t screenshot as in the moment I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Did you have grounded items disabled when this occurred? (Done by pressing Z)

That’s a strong possibility now that I think about it, sorry.

No problem! Just looking to get as much info as possible.

This happpened to me with a Legendary item, I had to disable my loot filter and then press ‘z’ to fix it. I think something weird happened with the loot filter itself, like it… crashed? everything was showing up fine until I opened that chest, then I just saw a legendary item called “[ ]” that I couldn’t pick up. Pushing ‘x’ and ‘z’ to try to toggle ground items didn’t do anything until I disabled my loot filter.

Could you upload a screenshot of the Loot Filter you were using? Any information about the Legendary item would help a lot as well.

Sure! The filter is super minimal, it just hides normal and magic items. Here it is in my filter management UI: https://imgur.com/gallery/8w2Gvf9

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