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I lost a passive skill point after completing chapter 9

I have 100 level bladedancer and today i completed chapter 9 and got a passive point.
But when i opened passive skill window, it showed 0 unspent points.
For now, my bladedancer has only 113 passive skill points.
How can i get the lost point back?

FYI, i completed all quests existing in this game.

When you beat Majasa and progressed the quest did you get a pop up to confirm a passive point reward?

Sure, i got the popup.

Got this same bug. Logged into my level 100 Bladedancer, completed chapter 9, and did not receive a passive point. Currently at 113 total points.

Max is still 113 points. They only changed points distribution in quests so you have all points because you recieved that point in past. Bug is pop up for new passive point but it is only for old characters.

Thank goodness and you.