I Lost 7 Tabs of Exalted Weapons (Stash Tab Bug)

I was using my stash inventory and the game DELETED an entire category for me.

It started with me creating a new category, and that new category got linked to a previous category. I created a 2nd new category and attempted to deleted the previous two after emptying to the new one. Big mistake, the category could not be deleted, even with 0 columns. And it deleted the category next to it.
I was able to bring back my missing item tabs by creating a new category, but the two linked category tabs cannot both be deleted.

I looked through previous issues with this. Creating a new category tab brought back my “deleted” item tabs. However, the glitched categories still can’t be deleted. Oh well, I can live with that. Hope a fix is brought out soon though, this issue has been around since December 2021.

Yeah its a shame the stash tab bugs have been there for so long and made it to multiplayer.

Hopefully they can fix it soon

I tryied to bring the tabs i missing by creating new category. Nothing changed for me. :confused: No i have several sections connected to each other. :confused: