I lose all my characters at imperial welryn in HC

Hi all,
I have 320h played on LE since early beta.
I wanted to try hardcore, because i love to play with risk on H’n’S. But i literally can’t go throught lvl 28. This is the point where i die on the first pack i meet, on imperial Welryn (lvl 24 zone).
I just lost my 3rd character on crossbow skeletons, just like the 2 firsts. (runemaster ice, falconer and hammerthrow paladin)
I was capped 75 on all elemental resist, and 50 on all others with 600 hp as a hammerthrow paladin.
I was hard crushing all mobs, elites and bosses on the previous zone.
But this zone is my limit. I always upgrade my items with crafting.
I have not much affixe because i just begin HC, and losing half my shards with my character on the same spot is starting to tilt me.
What’s wrong with this zone?