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I like the look of the items in this game so far

I hope this does not change. Most ARPGs have just plain boring looking items (think D3) or meh (think GD). It took me awhile to realize something I love about PoE: the uniques are visually appealing and very imaginative design-wise. Think Carcass Jack. Awesome! Keep this in mind. So far, so good.

Sorry to hear that you weren’t happier with Grim Dawn! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no, I really like GD! Been playing it more lately than ever. Love the new EP. The story is really good. The items are just meh. Not a game killer to me (unless they are as bad as D3).

Glad to hear it!

Hope you enjoyed the Crucible DLC. :slight_smile:

I liked it before but it is better now that I have a high level character! Thanks!

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