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I Just Want to Say - Good Luck!

I’ve been an ARPG fan and player since there was ARPGs, basically, and I like the look of where you guys are going.

I did not join the pre-Alpha, but I kickstarted and look forward to getting my hands on the game soonest.

I look forward to the playtime to come! Loot, I must have you!


The free pre-alpha demo’s still available if you want to download it.

Here’s the link:

Thank you, Slaanesh :slight_smile:

Good luck! We are excited!

Good luck from me, too. :smiley:

Thanks for making a Linux client right from the start, unlike another promising ARPG I’m following closely, that postponed it and another really good one that I can only run through wine. :smiley:

Will try the demo for a bit on Tuesday.

Whether or not I decide to support - I wish you many supporters so that you can make this game (and a living) and bring fun and joy to others.

Thanks Mikrotherion!

Please be aware that the Linux client is a fairly recent development. At the moment performance isn’t great and there a few bugs. We plan to improve it a lot, but it’ll take time to do that.

Downloading the demo. Super exited.

Edit: Played the first few levels. Totally happy how enjoyable this is already. Keep the good work up. Definitely will back / play.