I havent droped a single exalt wand from like 300 exalt items?

I have literally droped every other base as exalt item except wands am i missing something here i cant be this unlucky? my lootfilter is showing wands i am seeing blue/rare/unique wands drop but never exalt the wand is literally the eaiest upgrade for my build becuz i just need 2 dmg rolls while other gear pieces is the hardest to upgrade wich i have done and all whats left is a wand and i havent gotten it im level 91 and i even got more wand drop rate from blessing so something gotta be wrong here??

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It’s called RNG.

The best thing you can do is to keep and eye out for Exalted Wands & Catalyst MoF Rewards.

They show up more frequently, the higher you corruption is.

Those will give you a bunch of exalted wands as guaranteed reward.

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i know RNG is RNG but i mean comon i have droped exalt version of every other base except wand so i thought something fishy is going on


I have the same issue with sceptres.

Belts for me, I have 1 or 2 tabs of all exalts except belts. I have 12 belts in total, & never see an exalted belt node.

It’s interesting, something fishy actually isn’t going on and that’s exactly why it seems fishy. Lots of games have RNG normalization systems to make things feel like the random we expect. There is a great GDC video on it.


that first sentence made me chuckle

If you think about it from a different perspective maybe it makes more sense?

One Type Of Items always needs to be the “last one missing”.
In your case it’s just a coincidence, that it’s the one you actually desire the most.

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Yep, someone on another thread was questuoning why something was marked rare in the item database while othersi.ilar were not, I looked in my materials and I have 70 of them. Not very rare.

Yea, I have been looking for exalted relics (have 2), but almost have 1/2 tab of different wands.

If I need wands I farm with my Sentinel because he drops them a lot. If I want twohanded weapons but no staffs I do it with my sorc ^^. Easy!

Dropped a 3LP Hell’s Reach a few days ago. I went to look and in 11 tabs of exalted items there was not a single bow.


i find exalted reward MoF rewards to be very, very uncommon.
too uncommon. they rarely give you something useful.

also, it’s very difficult to see them when they are in the tree. they need to stand out more.

Idk I just finished empowering my monoliths today and on the 1st platform “Fall of the Outcasts” with lvl 100 chosen instead of regular, I B-Lined it for as many beacons as I could find. Turns out after about 4 beacons completed, I got 5 different Exalted reward types: Armour, Bow, Wands/Catalysts, Helmets, and Rings before I could finish my 1st Empowered Timeline. I typically only run down 1 of the pathways to begin a new Timeline while leaving the other options uncompleted. That way I can branch out while finding more beacons, and also progressing further away from the monolith (which seems to me that this is where the juicier rewards show up at a higher rate). Maybe it is just luck though, but that was my 1st experience in Empowered Monolith.

True. Pity timers and fail-safes often get implemented when developers do not want to lose players due to RNG.

That was not solely luck.

The further away you get from the starting point, the more common are “rare rewards” like Idols, Exalted Items, specific Unique/Set Items Vessels and Beacons.
(Higher Corruption has the same effect as well)
So if you pair pushing corruption and going far away from the starting point all of these rewards, while still not guaranteed are really reliably “farm able”

Obviously it’s still RNG and all of these nodes can also spawn very early, it’s just more unlikely.

I already had times where there were 2 vessels and a couple of exalted rewards within 3-4 echoes from the starting point.

But generally speaking it’s very noticeable if you get further away from the starting point, that the rarer rewards show up more frequently.

As stated above, you can increase the rate of them spawning tremendously.

I would have agreed with you pre 084.
But with the new legendary crafting, where base types on ExLted don’t matter that much anymore and low base type exalted are still very useful I strongly disagree.

Making them stand out more though is something I agree with.
Same with specific unique items.

This is less of an issue, when you uncover the echo web step by step.
But becomes really important, if you re-roll the echo web with a Vessel Of Chaos and you have to look through hundreds of echoes.

Two things can help here:

  • Making them stand out
  • Implement a search function to highlight certain echoes

ok. i exaggerated. but still , getting a t7 necrotic damage when i need lightning is not useful. and crafting is not going to make it useful.

the number of exalted items i can actually make useful is low. so making more of them drop is critical to have a reasonable chance at getting something useful.

Exalted items are chase items, they should not dropping like candy.

Also if you get a good one, it makes them feel really good and special.

If you make them too common, it’s less about if you get one, but when.

Currently you cannot plan around getting all the exalted items you would like to have.
And you really don’t need them anyway.

Both exalted Items and Legendary Items are long term goals for min-maxing a character, they are not the last inevitable step in your item progression.

i agree. i did say “reasonable” not “drop like candy”.

however the definition of “reasonable” is going to be extremely subjective. lol.

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