I had my doubts but you guys (EHG) pulled through!

I would like to thank the developers for staying hard at work these last few days to work through the troubled launch and for swiftly fixing and handling the servers. I had my doubts and may have judged harshly like many but I’m sure I speak for much of the community when I say that this is all for the good of the game we all want to see this game thrive and be the best version it can be because we are after all very passionate gamers and sometimes our passion can come off negatively as well as positively, I originally had made a negative review but seeing as you have come through and sorted out the problems I will be changing that to positive by the end of the day assuming that it continues to be as stable as it has been all morning. Once again, thank you for your hard work and understanding.


Hold that thought…


Indeed. It’s broken again today.


you fucking kidding right ? 3rd day game is unplayable

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Cry more.

Still working on that refund?

White knight steed, gallop!

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This aged like sour milk

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Sooo, it was working fine for me, for atleast 15 hours today… nowww, not so much, but when it crashes and struggles, like a smart human i go play offline mode and test builds and trees and just have a lot of dang fun!

^ love the name DirePenguin, also comment is hilarious except ward has best defences xD

Whoops, who tripped over the server power cables again… LARRY!?

Yeah, I think the issues we were seeing in the beginning were technical, and now we’re in the load-handling phase of the release. It does great, in the middle of the night, but has issues with high traffic.

its almost midnight, these are my gaming hours dangit xD
ahhhwelll, i mean really, sh** happens and thats that I guess, it will be fixed eventually and when it is, people will love the game.

can we just kick DynaKaren ^ from the thread lol… its like yea go team woooo and positivity and then WHERE IS THE MANAGER I WANT PUNCH!!! RAWRRRR

Can someone put the edgy kid to bed, please? It’ll soon be time for school…

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you get a like haha.

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