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I had an itch that was scratched

Hello! Nice to meet you all.

I started playing LE roughly 2 1/2 months ago, and i havent been able to stop my self from playing. Having already put around 900+ hours into it, and while some times i wish i could go to sleep without dreaming of damaging fracturing all my good items. Or crashing when i find that sweet sweet double t6 flat phys / melee crit on the correct base.
LE Has scratched an itch for me. And it feels so GOOD.
And despite me wanting to launch my laptop into orbit when i dont get that unique item with the correct roll i wanted.
LE has, for now. Truly wormed it self into my heart.

So i guess what i want to say is. Thank you Eleventh Hour Games, and nice to meet you, the LE community.

I never learnt how to write proper sentences. if anyone sufferes from an brain aneurysm while reading. i apologize.

Edit: time spent playing


Hello! Welcome!

Hello, and tank you!

This is my first post in any game related forum. or any forum for that matter. After 20 years of gaming i figured i could atleast show my appreciation of EHG in a post. and the community here seems really great so far.

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I remember my first ever forum post for a game here over a year ago. Jerle was also the first guy welcoming me:) time flies… Good to see you here buddy, enjoy the game, bring the feedback in. We have a great community and awesome devs always here to help each other out.

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