I had a ton of characters, around 20, and all but 5 were gone at 9.1 launch

I know that I haven’t played in a few months as I waited on the next big update (this one) but I have been playing for three years and had a ton of characters. Most of them had hard earned uniques from over those three years and I also had 23 bank tabs. Now I am down to 17 bank tabs and 5 characters were all that was showing at the launch of 9.1. Was there a purge or something? I lost a LOT of uniques. I literally had almost every unique in the game, one of each because the last time I played I emptied my bank of all but one or two of each unique that I had multiple copies of. I am looking forward to what the game has to give in the future, and with this update, but loosing THAT much progress sucks.

Were you playing offline? If so, the files might still be there, but corrupted. Next to the log files, there is a folder called Saves which has all your characters and your stash. The backups will be called .bak

Whether offline or offline, youll likely get more luck with data loss through support than on the forums (top right button on support site to create a ticket)

Bless your buttons lol. I hadn’t thought of steam backup. This computer is new and my old one was reformatted so someone else could use it so it was wiped clean. Somehow, when steam was reinstalled, Steam Cloud had been disabled for my whole steam account. When I reactivated Steam Cloud and resynched the game files, my characters all came back. They Are offline characters because they are over three years old all in all. At least they have been created over the past three years. Online is a fairly new feature considering. I wish I could transfer offline characters and my banktabs to online but I am guessing that is a no go. Thank you immensely though for helping get my characters and items back. You rock

Im glad you got them back :slight_smile:

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