I got blocked from discord because a guy was trolling me

I was happy to make #1 arena as sorc on the ladder. I came and said so, and right away, some guy said “no one cares”.

I was defending myself, while he bragged about his 1200 corruption. But I ended up getting blocked by mods LOL. Just look below at what I was saying, and what he was saying. And tell me why I got blocked?

So stupid…I’m there showing some acheivement and he’s just hating.

YEA so annoying. Can’t say 1 thing about an acheivement! Trolls come out and mod blocks me for telling the guy off! So stupid. Im not going back to discord. Losers.

You have JERK in there, telling me “no one cares” “insignificigant” and I barely said anything. Totally rational, defending myself from such an idiot, and I get blocked by mod…LOL. I thinik mods are power-tripping and jealious too. I didn’t say anything to get blocked. That other guy is a cancer.

You already have it THROTTLED I was there 5 minutes!!

You block people for that? 5 minutes? With the throttle too?

Just itching to block people IMO. I left! What a hole. Trolls run the place. Mods are petty power-tripping.

Yea no one does care. Arena is a joke. Because there are 2 classes. Warlock and Falconer. So overpowered it’s a joke. 10x overpowered. Clearly. No one does care. Stupid me.

It’s just so upsetting? I guess the discord is for being rude and dismissive and for mods to pump their egos. Honestly look. I made my own build on sorc/RM didn’t follow any guide. Lots of people that ran with me, well everyone, asks for a ‘link’ lol…

I hear what trash sorc is all the time and how runemaster is better. I have something to say about that.

I made it to the top of arena, and instantly get plied on by rude comments. Instead of the mod saying be nice, he blocks me!

That’s so irritating. I did just leave there. What a hole. Do absolutely 0 to keep things kind, but contrary. If any Mod complains what a bad place it is, it’s totally their fault. They nuture it The let the hate and rudeness go, while blocking the people standing up to it. People see what happens. These trolls get away without a verbal warning. I would say it’s sabotaged if I didn’t know better.