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I got 1700hrs on PoE but New to Last Epoch

Anyone kind enough that can give me tips for and tricks that I might need? Would help if explained in PoE lingo.

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Take a step away from stuff you know from PoE. Play the class that seems intresting to you. Have fun. You can respecc almost everything but the class mastery.

Things to know:

  • Don’t waste Runes of shattering eraly on. later you get better gear and you are able to extract more shards.
  • Don’t gamble.
  • Take your time and try out a lot of stuff.
  • “G” Key ingame is your friend because it answers a lot of stuff.
  • Just learn the basics and as soon as you understand them you can plan ahead.

That’s so far the “important” stuff in the beginning. You don’t miss out if you take your time and take it slow ;).

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Mack pretty much nailed it, but if there’s anything I can emphasize it would be to forget what you know about PoE. Although some mechanics may seem similar not much is actually the same or even close. Just take it slow as if you’re starting to learn ARPGs from the ground up and just take it as it comes.

Find a good build guide to start with (plenty here on the forums under each class/mastery) and use that as your character to learn with. Try different things as you go and experiment as much as you can. If you find anything you really don’t like or you think could be better in any way then come to the forums and post about it and let the devs know how you feel.

Welcome to Last Epoch, and the forums. Have fun!

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All these games may look similar, but rely on very different mechanics.
See Last Epoch as a new game, try (it will not be easy) not to play it like PoE.

Make your own build, respec is easy and cheap. Finishing the campaign with your own build feels more rewarding than with a pre-made build.

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Every time you got town check for shattering runes from vendor you’re gonna need alot and a easy way to get them for end game is while leveling alts… and once you start doing echos the vendor seems to refresh every 2-4 runs (not sure what resets em but im thinking it might be by time so every 10 mins but im probably wrong)


Increased damage within a skill tree is multiplicative with increased damage you get on gear/passive tree/from attributes, but additive like you’d expect within the skill tree.

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The best tip and trick I can give you is to try to let go of the fact that POE has conditioned you to treat what should be a fun, enjoyable hobby/leisure activity like it’s a job or a report card. LE has plenty of room for trying to squeeze the most out of your character, but it is not Wikis and Spreadsheets: The Game and it’s totally unnecessary to consume a fire hose of information about it before you get going.


Yep. I also spent over 1000 hours on PoE and the best advice I could give you is just to discover the game by yourself. From what I’ve seen until now, everything is viable and respeccing skills points etc is very easy.

However, many mechanics work differently and you will see to figure it out yourself. The Help menu, “G” by default will often help you and answer many questions.

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create many bank tabs and store gear with +1 skills etc to shatter them later to add for enchants on your end game gear. Even blue items are useful for shattering later on in the game.

There is a very helpful website that lets you create a loot filter based on what items you have equiped, so you dont need to waste lots of time on creating new filters every time you make new characters, just upload your character to it from the local files on your pc. Last Epoch Build Planner

youll want to focus on getting resists up later on in the game.

Try not to make to many new characters at the start of the game and explore the possibility’s of which ever one you enjoy first the most and take it to end game.

You can spend mana for a skill even if you dont have the exact amount of pool for the skill, it will go into the negative and show a different colour untill your back into the positive and colour goes back to being blue

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I see now, everybody’s inputs have made me reassure and lessened the feeling of me being “playing with no direction” in an arpg. I’ll keep all your advices in mind. Thank you so much! GG!