I found a bug with Shift

Right near the beginning of the game, I used Shift and found myself in an impossible to reach place. I was eventually able to teleport (not the mage power) out, but it took a few tries to find a spot that I was able to interact with.

If curious, I couldn’t hurt them and they couldn’t hurt me.

I think I can give a screenshot if you need. Good luck.


A picture of the area you shift-ed into would be good.

Poo, Window’s 10 only saves it to a clipboard; I did not know this. Sorry. I know the area though, but I can’t upload anything in Paint, forum doesn’t like it.

Side note: I tried to duplicate it but I couldn’t, but there were no baddies on the screen this time which might make a difference. If I don’t figure the extention out, it’s in the Last Archive, when you climb the stairs by the Library, go right, forward, left and left very quickly (two allied mages there), then a pair of quick rights at the next turns and you reach a dead end. There’s a little area where a worm spawns at the end, below that there’s an area with a small spot where I Shifted to. Not sure if that helps :smiley:

Take the screenshot, then go to Imgur.com & upload it there (you can paste it without having to save the image first).

I had the same bug in the North of the Imperial Welryn area

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