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I feel like shaman lacks a archetype I'd like to see

I feel like Shaman has some real design space for a non totem based elementalist/melee hybrid. Or even full caster, maybe convert some elemental damage to attacks to elemental damage to spells? Anyways I like shaman well enough but I’m not a huge fan of totem playstyles, but the aesthetics of the class are really cool. I was hoping we could see either a melee caster who uses ice and lightning or maybe a full caster who calls down lightning storms and blizzards. That might be a bit too much like the sorceror though? I bet they could feel different.
I think the support for it is almost there, but just not quite there yet, but I might be wrong, if you guys know a good non-totem based build let me know.

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I’m brand new to the game but I too noticed that shamans flirt with an interesting melee/caster hybrid (Which is what I usually go for ((WoW Enhance shaman ftw!)) but it doesn’t look like the skills are quite there like they are for totem builds and pet builds. If you find anything that resembles a dual wielding harbinger of cold lightning storms and earthquakes, lemme know.

There’s a class that’s literally called Spellblade and does melee/hybrid with nodes like “Increased spell damage if you use a melee attack recently”.

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