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I dont think game will be launched until late november/december

my estimated guess would be late november or into december 2021, because we are only at 8.1, nxt is 8.2 and we havent even gotten falcon and runemaster class yet, also many skills dont have theyre own skill tree yet, not every item has a 3D model matching the item when equipping it. end game is still being worked on and has multiple aspects being added later as well

there is tons of stuff they have yet to add in the game and they wanna add :slight_smile:
multiplayer also has to feel scaled so it doesnt feel like 1 is killing all mobs in a 2-4 player party early on because the enemy has no hp

there is so much more , i honestly dont think if they release a patch every 2 month that this will be ready until late late late this year :slight_smile:

I’d say 2022 if they want to release the game with a strong multiplayer and additional end-game systems.


Devs say 2021 so I’m ready to believe them, but I would say Multiplayer around Halloween and release around Spring. Of course, pure estimation without anything to back it.

Why does an official release even have to be a thing? Just keep working on and expanding out the game over time.


If you’re referencing the March 12th dev stream, Sarno did clarify that statement later on:

The standard dev response for nearly everything is it’ll ship when it’s ready. Until the dev’s have an actual release date announced, this motto likely still holds true.

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“Official release” generally means releasing the game in a state in which the classes, story-line, and systems are in a completed and playable state.
You can then continue to develop and add additional content over time but those are considered content patches or expansions.

I’m not going to speculate on when LE will be given an official release, I tend to support the “we will release it when it’s ready” mindset.

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It’s not the first time I see an official statement saying 2021. And I’m totally OK with it being postponed. “when is ready” is the ideal date, for sure!

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Typically if developers don’t have a deadline to meet, a game will never be released fully. They are putting out a deadline to prevent this in my belief. They can of course push back the release date as many times as they want. They just have to be willing to face the music when that happens.

It really doesn’t matter if EHG has a date for release or not, because the devs are pushing out patches every 2-3 months and they have been delivering on it for years.

It would matter for other developers who don’t have a working copy of the game for players to play, because until release, people would at most just get development updates from the devs.

Once LE has multiplayer and the bazaar, the game is effectively “released” for me, I don’t really care about this “1.0 release date”.


An area which it will have an impact is new players. Many are turned off by the EA tag and are more willing to join when it’s officially released. I’m 100% behind released when ready however.