I didn't not get the Ardent gladiator thingy on forums

Hello , like i said in the title i got the game from steam for a while now and even tho i got the pet not having the title made me feel like my account is bugged and i’am worried it might also not give me the store tokens when the cosmetics store comes out . I couldn’t find support anywhere so i guess it’s the place to report this kind of things ? anyway thanks to whoever takes the time to read and respond to me with some infos about it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what happened but the forums are the odd one out here. If you have your pet, you’ll have the coins. If you made the forum account before the Steam purchase, it is possible that you have two Epoch accounts.

You can contact support directly through our support site. I might get the url slightly wrong so just google Last Epoch support and it’s something like support.lastepochgame.com

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