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I can not share accounts between different computers

I can not share accounts between different computers.

u really expect a answer?
how about being a little more specific , noone can help u with this generic question

He is probaly talking about save data, but provide some more information, i agree.

This may help.

Source: Locating Save Files

As the “will the Location be changed later” never got an answer, I’d like to add:
Saving characters in the registry is really unusual imho. They should definately be saved as normal Files either in the game Folder (preferred) or in those strange General Folders where many games place their saves and screenshots (never understood why they not just use the game Folder…).
This only Counts for Offline/Open Server Characters of Course. I do hope that there’ll be Servers and serverside saving of characters at release, to make cheating more difficult.

I did post a workaround that i’ve been using (back and forth most days between 2 computers), but could cause corruption in your save if it messes up.

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