I am sorry i have to say this.. can you TUNE the AI for chat PLEASE?

I said to my friends i needed to go take a “bio but you know what i mean” and my chat got banned… WTF are we so PC now we cant even use a word that actually isnt that bad??

BTW love the game and have gifted it to a friend

Hello Dragonspawn,

I had a look into the message history to track down where this block may have occurred. From looking at the messages, I do see you have a number of messages which were blocked for player harassment, profanity, and sexual content.

I was not able to identify a message from you stating “bio but you know what I mean” that was blocked. I also checked this remark directly against our moderation system, and it had no issue with it. Could you provide more information on when you sent this message, in what language, and who to so I can track down why it may have been blocked and correct it?