I am getting low dps using dreamthorn

i am getting low dps using dreamthorn uniqe sword i have 800 dps on warpath here is a link to my build are dreamthorn nerfed for warpath ?

Hi there! Let’s see…

You have a copper ring with only one affix (t3 phys res). You really need to update your gear more often, and craft on it. Put “increased void damage” and “strength” as prefixes, and probably necrotic resistance as suffix since that’s what you really lack. You could try to find a gold ring instead of that copper one; since gold ring have a valuable implicit early game (elemental resistance).

You also have terrible gloves that gives you almost nothing. Any accessible base would be better than Hide gloves. I’d go for Outcast gloves (21 armor + necrotic resist) or Mail braccer (36 armor). And craft useful affixes on them, like “Strength” (because warpath scales with it, as it says in the tooltip) and “Melee attack speed”.

I mean… you are level 32 and have gloves (lvl 10) that gives you Minion health. You have a relic (lvl 12) with increased poison damage. You really need to craft better items and learn to identify what to pick and what to wear. Dreamthorn is not the problem here. :confused:

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Ok, everything that P3H4 said is 100% correct. Your gear needs a ton of work, the Dreamthorn is not the problem.

  1. Craft your gear. Stack Strength and Void Damage where you can (eg. Ring, Amulet, Belt, etc) in the prefixes, and get your resists and HP in order with the suffixes. Eventually, start to stack your Crit too. VK can get a huge amount of Crit Multi because of the Void Corruption passive tree node. Until you have 300 or 400% increased Void Damage though, wouldn’t even bother with Crit yet. And yea, you want some attack speed on your gloves.

  2. I can’t see what other skills you’ve spec’d into, but as for your Warpath, you still haven’t converted it’s base damage to Void, though you’re on your way getting there. Since the 40% void penetration on your Dreamthorn doesn’t apply to physical, you’re losing a good amount of damage there too, though it will apply to the 40 flat void damage on the weapon. So since you’re going VK, you want to convert it sooner rather than later.

  3. I’d switch around some of the passives. Devouring Blade isn’t really great, because it only triggers once you have killed something. It’s kind of useless for bosses unless they spawn adds. Take Sorrow and Steel instead, and max out Abyssal Endurance too.

One of the big problems you have is that you actually have a fair amount of flat void damage, but no % increased (only 4%).