Hurricane of blades

Hey fam.
Come back to LE after a bit of a hiatus, LOVE the changes!!!

Got a throwing blade dancer to 40 and been playing with Shadow Cascade and hurricane of blades node.

I feel like the mana cost is just toooooo steep on it. The damage is fantastic, but It also forces you to take the Onslaught, Fight in the shadows and Gloomstalker nodes AND get reduced cost on both your rings to make it viable.
Feels kinda bad if you need to go to that much effort to make a single node viable.

I feel like a 1/3 reduction in mana cost along with 1/3 damage reduction would be a perfectly reasonable fix.

Thanks for all the hard work everyone!!

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All the channelled skills have a pretty high channel cost, you can either take a load of nodes to reduce the cost or go full damage nodes & regain your mana with a free skill & the passive that gives you mana on free-skill-use.

I totally agree, that hte node and it’s damage does feel very great, but the mana cost are a bit too high.

There are no nodes within the skill tree to reduce mana cost/give mana efficiency.
The only mana related nodes are the ones that give you back an initial burst of mana if the skill is used by shadows, which does not benefit the channeled version that much.

I would be totally ok to spend skill points for reduced mana, it does not need to be reduced baseline. Maybe a mana efficiency node behind the channel node or something, so the non channel version can not benefit (because the flat mana regain nodes are already absurd for that)

Yeh, its been that way since i played a sorc about a year ago.

I think you’ll find its actually higher than most, and because of that has a very limited use outside of a ‘specific’ set of support nodes like you identified.

That, like I said, feels terrible.
It means that node is ‘unusable’ to much later on. Essentially gating a single node behind 8 points worth of other nodes isnt good design, and doesnt happen to any other channeled skills Im aware of.

It does seem quite high (60) compared to othe skills, especially given the Rogue’s relatively low mana pool compared to the Mage, who has other channelled skills which are usually cheaper.

The cost is very high as is the damage output. Can channel it for 2 seconds before oom. But the skill also is more like a short burst than a channels skill.

I rarely use it manually. I proc it with shadows via shift and synchronised strike. The channelled skill I use for finishing off the remaining enemies.

If this skill would be turned into something with a longer channel time, comparable to Desintegrate, there has to be a huge damage nerf, imho.

I think with enough skill point investment it would be fair to slightly reduce the mana costs.
Like 0/5 node, that gives 10% mana efficiency, that would get the skill from 60 channel cost to 45 if you put 5 points in.

That would be justified for 5 skill points IMO.

Totally agree. the damage output is fantastic for a throwing skill. comparable to most melee skills.

It just makes no sense to me to have a channeled skill that last 1-2 seconds.
It adds very little.

Id MUCH rather have that node added 1-2 extra rapid throws of shadow cascade but add a CD.

Or, reduce damage and mana costs.

What also contributes to makeing that node feel a bit “bad”.

The daggers are not aimed and are randomly thrown out, which leads to sometimes not hitting enemies. This will lead to the need of channeling the full 1-2 secs to kill every mob.

Besides the already mentioned mana cost reduction, another solution would be maybe reduce the damage/number of daggers thrown, but make them aim at targets within range.

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