Hungering Souls + Siphon of Anguish

Looking for some feedback on this combination because it seems buggy. Playing necro with lots of points in Lich as I want the Hallow Lich (all sources of leech converted into damage at 10 times their value) and other nodes.

My necro only does fire and necrotic damage, including minions. The ring has leech for melee and void damage, of which I do neither. The only modifier I see that should have any impact on my DPS is increased leech rate and doom effect.

The character sheet spell leech never changes: it’s 4% with or without the rings. The tooltip DPS for Hungering souls without the rings is 10,323. With the rings it is 20,469.

Is the leech rate increase or some other stat that beneficial to a fire DOT build with those passives in the Lich or is something bugged here? I can’t seem to get any combination of ring affixes to beat these two Siphon of Anguish rings which is kind of a bummer because I would like some mana regen on the rings.

Thanks in advance

Hollow Lich will give you extra damage at 10 times the value for any leech you have, regardless of which damage/skill type.

Also Hollow Lich will not update the character sheet, to represent, that you don’t have any leech anymore. But the global % increases are represented in the character sheet.

So depending on your rolls, the ring will give you 20% increased up to 60% increased damage, just from the leech depending on your rolls.

Increased leech rate does not affect your dps, since it does not interact with Hollow Lich.

The doom ailment itself boosts your dps significantly.
Ailments are calculated in any Tooltip dps, from skills that can apply it.

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Seems odd to me that there’s no dependency on the type of damage my character is doing. Makes these rings feel like an auto-equip if you go with that passive.

I don’t think it’s odd.

It’s just a very powerful conversion, that utilizes leech types that don’t have any value to you.

This item is far away from a “auto-equip”.
Offensively it’s great, but it’s lacking major defensive layers such as CSA, HP, Endurance, Resistances.

Also things like Mana Regeneration or Crit Chance are missing.

So it’s definitely not a no-brainer to equip.


Yeah, don’t be seduced by the dark side & go full glass cannon (you can obviously, just don’t be surprised if you die lots).

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