Hungering Souls: passive skill bug

Hey i would like to report a bug concerning the Hungering Souls skill and specifically it’s passive skills that either reduce or increase the amount of souls fired, they do not work
Passive skills in the tree i tested so far: “soul swarm” and “necrotic pact”.

I do not 100% know if the entire skill tree is bugged or if it’s just those 2 as of writing this.
Best regards

From having tested the skill out some more, i can conclude that nothing seems to be working in this skill tree, i tried out “dominion of undeath” and it looks like it does not increase the cone nor reduce the mana cost.

Thanks, it seems like something went wrong when the skills system was updated for 0.7.3, which we know how to fix.

Confirmed, no nodes seem to be working for me either (e.g., I can selfcast the skill even though I have Lichskin allocated).

I can provide logs and screenshots if needed, but sounds like you guys might already be working on the fix.

Same issue here, skill is overall bugged currently.

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