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Hungering Souls - Isolation

Hi, i am just wondering what the size increases for hungering souls actually do? It doesnt make them do aoe or hit multiple targets, and going down to 1 projectile from the base amount is a pretty big down side, let alone missing out on all the extra projectile passives etc.

I’m trying to do a hungering souls ignite build, but the single projectile just seems to hurt it massively with no benefits.

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I don’t know, but from testing with a poison hungering souls build & the souls can only hit one mob once per cast despite the visuals of all of the souls passing through a single mob.

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Hmm, four days, and nobody knows the answer? Not even the devs?

I think it’s just visual flavor, but I haven’t played with it much so I could be wrong. The dmg increases that come along-side it seem more applicable.

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I’d agree, excepting the ignite nodes that are locked behind it. The two nodes infront of them directly nerf the two nodes behind, so i figured the size must do something right?

The size does nothing. It’s just a BIG skull because there’s only one

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Well damn. I’d hoped to build an ignite build with it. Guess i’ll unspec and just grab as many ignite on hit affixs as i can on gear :confused:

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