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Hungering Souls from Wraith Blinder

I would like to know more details about this mob, please. What damage tape it deals, is his attack always hit, etc.

This mob is cause 8/10 of deaths on my Beastmaster.

It’s also so irritating. After killing his summoner if flee to the end of Arena, slowing down new waves start.

If 3+ packs of this mobs spawn in one wave it’s lag a lot. FPS drops from 50-60 to 5-15 on minimal settings.

I hate you Wraith Blinder!

Also pets focus on closes mob, which are the summoned melee mobs, and it takes quite a while to kill them.

My suggestion is don’t stand that close, use tendrils with in-line mod to buff your minions from afar, and place the totem to keep their dmg up.

Whenever I see these guys, the big tentacle dude or the small void spawns that fire those homing missiles, I usually go out of screen and let the minions kill them.

The only way they get u is if they spawn on top of u.

On lower waves its easy to clear them even 5 packs at ones. Above 200 waves they spawn in huge packs lagging as hell, it is not so easy to move. Running in place, staking on layout edges etc. If you not on end of screen they can spawn from 4 direction.

Lagging on them is only one part of the problem. Summoner spams ghosts, skill kinda like SRS in poe. Thoes can hit like truck. Many times i was far away from fight controlling minions and sadden one shot from it. On Tundra layout not so easy see them as well.
I’m interested in the most of what type damage it deals. I’ll max it. There are no other threats for Beastmaster.

I’m going to craft new set-up for Beastmaster. I have reach 100 level on bleed-poison build already. I want try to push to max waves with 70% defense build but i need to know damage type deals that SRS.

It does Necrotic damage over time as far as I know. And it does not always hit.


Yes, you are correct. Per the tooltip from Acolyte, Hungering Souls deals necrotic damage ON HIT plus afflicts a necrotic damage over time (called Possess). They also function as seeker-type missiles. The on hit from each spirit damages separately, but the dot does not stack.

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