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Hungering souls collision overlap?

Asking now as I do not want to spam forums with single issues/suggestions as I come across them. Would it be best to report things I find here if I have 5+ or at the end of each day do a kind of daily report? I do not want to create unnecessary work for you guys.

I am noticing with Hungering Souls if you are close to the target when casting (I specced into soul swarm and will continue to do so, but I imagine this issue is not present with Isolation) that often several of the skulls will fly in a circle around the mob then fly off in the distance and disappear. Is this an intended game mechanic that requires correct positioning to make the most out of the spell or is this a collision based issue?

Thank you guys in advanced. I am enjoying the game a lot!

We would much prefer that each thread be about a single issue. :slight_smile:

Okay! Thank you for being so responsive. It is lovely seeing such a nice game in alpha and an active response team in the morning of a weekday.

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