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Hungering Souls build ideas

Greetings all.
I have been trying to come up with some type of Hungering Souls build as the main damage skill. But I have yet to come up with anything that’s workable. Any thoughts on how I could improve the damage? The skill it self seems really weak compared to other skills like lighting blast or rip blood.

Hungering Souls has 2 components, the initial hit (that also can crit) and the dot (that cannot stack).

I built around it in the past on a death seal build but ended up without it. Actually I am lso trying to make a hungering build. I don’t think it will ever become the main damage skill solely. But is has great synergies with spirit plague because of its global dot damage increase.

Actually (around lvl 30) I zoom through the maps spreading spirit plague and add that one big soul for tougher enemies.

On the passive tree take all dot and necrotic damage nodes.

I’ve not decided if I take wandering spirits into account later. With plague bearers staff and its ranged projectiles that inflict poison the skill is so strong that it outshines the other skills and I have a similar build already. But if you haven’t tried yet, it’s worth a shot.

In this case you also would increase poison damage in your passive tree. But at higher level you have enough points to get all necrotic, pposon and dot damage nodes.

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Hopefully they buff its base damage soon. I tried it on necro with full leech conversion to damage and even with 1000% necrotic damage its still complete garbage, compared to all the other skills available, plus you lost leech.

Yeah. That’s the problem. If you manage to make Hungering Souls work ok you can switch in any literally any other skill for it and perform much better.

The theme is nice, though.

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