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Huge lag with certain build

hello, i reported this a while ago on technical support but it never got a response
as a summary, im running a build which uses sacrifice and summon wraiths as the main skills they are specialized to generate large armounts of minions, i can easily reach 30 and max out at around 70

build is cool with lots of synergy and i think will be able to push the highest level content, but it causes massive lag(as outlined on my linked post) and has crashed the game occasionally making it unplayable at worst and a nightmare at best

EDIT: here is a short clip demonstrating what happens when i use sacrifice

at the beginning i had around 60 minions but i let the blood wraiths die out so i could record the video and not lag to bits.

graphically everything is set very low - medium and my resolution was set to 1280 x 720
if i pop a medium amount (50ish minions) the game freezes for 5-10 seconds or crashes

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