HUGE fan of this game! but

The server issues are starting to get a little annoying… I have spent close to $1000 USD supporting this game, I have never really had any issues until 1.0 launch. I am always optimistic with you all! Especially with the constant amount of communication etc… This long after launch and it has gotten worse? (sure the load times were long but i could atleast get in and play). Now I literally cannot play. I will continue to try and always support this game but I needed to get that off of my chest.

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Your first mistake is spending $1000 on a video game lol

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I’ve done worse…

I’m sure the servers will improve with some time. From what I have seen with how the game has been developed so far, the team is most likely working hard on fixing these issues. I’m sure they want us to play as much as we do.

I make more than enough money that it is not a problem. I do not mind supporting companies like this at all.

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I know they are. I just wanted to vent my frustrations.

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All good. And it’s a deserved venting of course.

I’m sure in time things will stabilize and this situation will be only a bad memory.

I’m always amused by people who questions how other people spend their money especially when they know nothing about them :slight_smile:

Its been feeling pretty good the last couple hours.

Once you get past the server issues, you’ll notice the actual big issues long term with 1.0. The performance issues are WEIRD and ridiculous.

After EACH zone, the game reloads all the highest settings possible. If it wasn’t tested and fixed during ‘testing’, then I doubt they are going to fix it now that they made millions off the game with the cashgrab.

I just played for about 90 minutes and it was a smooth session. Load times reasonable. I was pleasantly surprised. Give it another try.