How's the market in eternal realm?

I mean regarding dupe money inflation etc. Does every has been resolve ?

By resolve i mean not being able to dupe money/item anymore and ban people/remove gold item/dupe.

I would like to play a char on the long run not only cicle but if the market is already f*cked up i prefer pass.

If it’s not been “fixed” in season why do you think it’d be “fixed” in legacy & vice versa.

I thought it was fix in season ! :unamused:

So if they are only waiting to launch a new cycle to clean the mess they will burry eternal forever…

The bug itself was fixed. The result from it (market crash) still isn’t. It’s starting to balance a little but I think it will only start to really get fixed once 1.1 comes around and all 1.0 items are transferred to legacy.

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But it means that the gold duped in legacy are still there so people have billions of gold ?

Some probably do, yes. There were plenty of people that were selling stuff legitimately and the ones that used the bug bought their stuff. They shouldn’t be penalized, only the dupers. I don’t know what EHG did on individual cases.
Either way, inflation just happened faster than it should have, but lately things seem to have quieted down.

As a sidenote, there will be changes to trade, likely with an introduction of gold tax or something to get gold out of circulation as well. You should probably check it out once 1.1 is released.

Hmmmm seems unfair even if you acquired your 1millions of gold by selling legit items. They should delete everyones gold and give zveryone an amount of gold base on their play time.

Something like 10 gold per hour square so the more you played the more you get and everyone knows that you get way more gold per hour in late game

That wouldn’t be fair either. You have players pushing 2k corruption which make a lot more gold than players like me that make lots of alts and stay at lower corruption. Not to mention that you can be in MG and barely sell anything or you could be making millions a day from sales.

There’s no way to do this fairly and it would inevitably hurt the legit players more than the cheaters.

Over time the market will stabilise, especially if they implement gold sinks tied to trading. In the meantime, 1.1 will have a fresh economy. You can make cycle characters and then continue playing them in legacy with 1.2.

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Boy do I love playing legacy offline CoF. :slight_smile:

There is almost no new items and prices are very low. No signs of inflation.

Can’t wait for legacy market to get flooded with all the overpriced items from 1.0 :laughing:

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I think it would be a good idea for them to introduce a one-time emergency tax when transfering 1.0 to legacy, so that amount of gold transferred graph is similar to logarithm function in shape.
For example if you have 1m gold → 1m transferred, 10m → 5m, 100m ->10m, etc., numbers are arbitrary.

Repeat in future transfers (1.1 etc.) only if there are emergencies like the gold dupe that happened during 1.0

After that just introduce transaction tax to get long-term inflation under control.