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Howl Wolf pack builds

Basically I want to try to create an Howl Wolf pack build, with maximum number of wolves, and I got some questions:

In the Summon Wolf skill:
I’ve seen many guides that say that you should go with the:
Lupine Endurance (2) > Wolfen recovery (2) > Earthborn (1) > Pack Hunters
But if I go with the upper option instead:
Savage Hunters (2) > Tundra Stalkers (3) > Winter Born (1) > Pack Hunters
The question is survivability of the wolves, will it be enough without the extra health and health recovery?
The issue is that I also want 4 points into Howl of Might, but with the HP build I could only go with 3 points, unless I find the helmet that gives me +2 to Summon Wolf, which is not guaranteed at all.

Also I wanted to try to include the Summon Thorn totem (and the popular Frenzy Totem) in this build, but never seen anyone uses it with Wolf pack… is it viable in this build?

If not, what other skills works well with this build?