Just saying hello


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have you been enjoying a necromancer build

Oh most def. I am currently Level Two and it’s amazing, thanks for asking

Wait untill you reach lvl 3!


Ya lvl 3 was nuts x_X

For real tho, this whole kit is bananas, ty dev team

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Got to Aco 43 and rolled a Primalist to dual level & Masochist sounded too fun.

Masochist is a very nice challenge so far, pacing is great and teaching me the mechanics in a fun way (I play like im running into a wall, so yes, that is fun)


Happy New Year Eterra!

did you end up choosing necromancer or lich?
what minions did you end up trying out

Hihi @ilyude, well to give a background, I know exactly nothing about your game other than different circles kept telling me to play it.

Well, I googled Last Epoch and it said Time Traveling ARPG, so I closed the tab and came here.

While it was installing, I clicked the first dev blog and it was about trade (the bbb hate letter). By the end I was nodding my head and basically yelling, “at least someone gets it”.

Most players do not think about the economy past, “why did it go up again?”.

I don’t ever say this to devs because it’s the game I play, however, I don’t want this game to die (hell I thought it came out in Aug or something and one guy said he has been playing for a few years).

If yall don’t have competent economists before launch of trade (not saying you dont), the game will be eaten alive.

It happened to Torchlight:Infinite probably already plus that game is cursed with the DB brand.

Us game theorists will just wipe out your economy and make ppl not want to play because they realize chasing a resetting economy gets stale real fast.

Hitting reply and I’ll reply

sorry I don’t understand at all

Oh my bad I thought you were a dev with that forum pic, I don’t know anything about Eterra other than what I left behind so far.

I went full Assassin spec for my 1st Aco, think I’m seeing three builds I want to test.

I’m still on a DoT fix because I refuse to be punisished for playing a devs game (coughpoecough),

So I have 6x Rogue’s, 4x Necrotic Shot Mages, was working on 2x sized up fire golem for the auras and tank.

I use the base Necrotic DoT Curse because Scythe needs a Curse to proc buffs (I like this balance).

Other than that, I treat MSpeed as a base layer alongside Offense & Defense, and I prioritize that first to get through the Huuuuuuuge Zones (love the size, makes it feel more Epic, as if I actually had to trek my way to that boss)

I’m not glass cannon because I’ll be death immune.

Does that help?

no i am not a dev, sorry.
and yes that is an interesting build I think


Please excuse me, was in a coma for some time & awake now.

Not only have to continue life where I dozed off, I have a back library to replay & play at the same time

Right now, I’m playing 3x arpg and probably adding some old xbox games today, to create my own Time Traveling Summoner.Journey.

Should be back on LEp in some days, plan is to only progress those Toons when streaming

Cheers, glhf<3

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