How would you build bleed marksman?

Hello friends,

I am new to Last Epoch, it’s my first week playing. I played PoE since open-beta and have put in thousands of hours over many years. For a long time it was certainly my favourite game.

Nice to meet you all!

My question is this: How would you go about building a bow build focused on bleed damage? Right now I feel like I’m squeezing out as much as I can from the trees, using Puncture and Hail of Arrows, but I’m having middling performance at best. I feel like I will never compete with a crit-based build at this rate. Currently I’m level 70 and I would say I’m probably doing about 4 or 5 thousand DPS.

I don’t have the two uniques I’m eyeing for the build yet though, those being the HoA bleed quiver and the bleed relic. I assume those will make the build quite comfortable but not exactly 400 wave competitive.

I would appreciate any and all feedback, and here is my planner (missing gear but I feel like the issue is probably more to do with my trees anyway since I’m quite new): Marksman, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3d) - Last Epoch Build Planner

The quiver doesn’t seem to save, but I believe it’s called Sanguine Hoard.

EDIT: Ah also in case this might help anyone realizing why my build isn’t very good here is my save file upload: Marksman, Level 71 (LE Beta 0.8.3d) - Last Epoch Build Planner

The first thing I would do is to swap out that bow for an obsidian one, and your dps should jump just that alone. But yeah, I found the DOT builds for rogue just subpar compared to crit based with high hit damage… you end up making everything take forever to kill because you have to wait for the dot’s to tick on the enemies compared to just one shotting mobs as you run around. The DOT playstyle definitely makes you round up the mobs into bigger groups before engaging each pack, so it makes it a bit more dangerous in that aspect too.

But as you get into the higher tiers of corruption, that story may change as the mob health goes up and their defensive affixes as well, so DOT begins to shine but you still have to deal with the monsters chasing you down.

Hey, going over your build now, below are my thoughts as I think them.

  1. Get a bow with bleed implicit as mentioned by BanditTech. Remember Bleed Effect>Bleed Chance>Bleed Damage>DoT/phys damage.

  2. Lose the armor shred idols, replace with ones that help your bleed. Phys resistance shred is good, armor shred bad.

  3. Dark Quiver sucks. Unless you’re really enjoying using it, swap it for Shurikens (for armor and bleed) or Smoke Bomb (for buffs).

  4. Consider building around Salt the Wound with your Sanguine hoard, also perhaps the Thorn Slinger belt if you can swing it. Salt the wound lets you hit AND bleed hard (don’t even build into crit chance, use marksman passives for crit vulnerability instead and use gear to get crit multiplier).

That’s it off the top of my head, didn’t get to look at passives. Good luck traveler.

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