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How to use poison and curse?

So I’m working towards a Melee (Harvest) Poison staking with Aura of Decay.
I’m not sure which would be best between Mark for death or Plague curse. Having both seems unwise.
On one hand, I would need to cast Plague curse a lot to gain Poison stacks, but its a curse and gives more DoT on top of Poison. So I could weave in Harvest between casts.
On the other hand, Mark for death is a great debuff curse that I only need to cast once every few seconds, leaving a lot of room to hit with Harvest and dodge.

Any other Idea to help melee Posion stacking Harvest of decay build idea?

If you’re going for a melee poison build, you’ll probably want to try & get Plague Bearer’s Staff for the poison chance on Harvest.

Could you go Spirit Plague and Mark for Death? Mark for Death’s +30% more damage taken is not a small thing as it affects all the damage you do, be it poison, Harvest’s melee & Spirit Plague. That said, Mark for Death is going to be replaced with something else.

I’ve wrote Plague curse, but I meant Spirit Plague.
The problem I see is, if I go for poison staking, I need to cast it in order to give stacks (Toxic transmition).
Either I go full Plague ailement and duration or I go full casting speed and spam Spirit plague to give more poison stacks, which kinda defeat the idea of Harvest Poisoner.

While Spirit Plague is a really nice skill I am not sure if it’s the way to go for poison stacks. If you have a weapon that applies poison on hit you will get more out of it by using wandering spirits. Go for that poison dart (don’t know the exact name) and duration / reveal rate. The poison attacks of the spirits utilize the poison chance on hit of your weapon.

The 2 poison stacks per cast from spirit plague can’t compete with the spirits. Then Mark For Death on top and you’ll be fine.

Spectral Putrescence.

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