How to unlock higher dungeon tiers?

I’m level 80 and cleared the dungeon multiple times on tier 1, but it still won’t let me start tier 2. How do I unlock higher tiers?

Normally you should see the Dungeon tiers that you can select after inserting the Key.

Yes I see all 4 tiers, but only tier 1 is unlocked, all others are locked.

Hmm, that is weird. I can’t remember exactly what triggers the next tier to unlock, but i killed the boss, went through the next rooms until i was outside in chapter 9, went back, put the key in and could do tier 2.
Never had problems with that.

Did you teleport out or did you go through to the end of the dungeon where you can create legendaries?

maybe there is a bug that doesnt open the next tier if you leave from the boss arena via teleport?

I walked out too, didn’t use portal.

Then i would add this into Bug Report. What about other characters? Did you try if it works there?

I haven’t tried othher characters yet, I made a new character for 0.8.4.

Ok it seems I had to clear it once more AFTER reaching level 80. Tier 2 is now unlocked.

Does that imply tiers are also level-locked?

Hovering over the tiers in the door dialog says tier 1 is level 55, tier 2 = 80, tier 3 = 95, tier 4 = 100.

I dont think so because i unlocked tier 3 and 4 with a char lower than character level 95

You’re right, now after clearing tier 2 once I can immediately access tier 3.
I still wonder what might have been my issue before… :thinking:

All expansion zones on Chromie Time will scale fully from levels 1-50. Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands are not compatible with Chromie Time.

No idea why it happened but it’s not level locked, you just have to complete the previous one to unlock the next.


I still wonder what might have been my issue before… :thinking:


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