How To Set Up Loot Filter | Last Epoch Patch 0.7.10

It is Finally Here! Patch 0.7.10 for Last Epoch. Let’s Take a Look at how to set up Loot Filters


Figured it was a toss up between you and @boardman21 as to who would get a loot guide up first… :wink:

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yeah i was still sleeping 1 hour ago lol

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this is what happens releasing patches during the work week lol

I know, the last one came out a few days before I went on holiday with my family for a week…


Finding a few oddities with the filter already… the Emphasis feature where it capitalises the letters can be a bit flakey… sometimes it emphases items that dont match if you just pick it up and drop it again… will have to document them for the bug section…

EDIT: even with its little oddities this is AMAZING in play… no more stopping to look for loot…


there are still tweaks I have noticed too. But I bet @boardman21 will have the first build up!! LOL

yeah true that in t- minus 5 mins


Called it LUL

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