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How to see the totem scaling?

Hey, I’m trying to make a totem build but I’m finding it hard since I can’t see how well the totems scale. There’s no DMG per second or anything like that and it’s like 10 different affixes that can be used so I don’t know which one I should aim for.

Does anyone have any tips for totem builds?

Totems are minions, first.
Then, see the tags of the abilities. You will probably find “minions spell damage”, for example.

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Unfortunately with Totems it’s more about field testing those numbers. They don’t attack the dummy nor do they have a DPS tooltip.

In general, the thorn totem tree has a lot of multiplicative damage modifiers but not a lot of ways to increase the base damage in the skill tree.

To best take advantage of those multipliers, you are going to want to invest in some of primalist’s/shaman’s passives such as Elder Branch and Rune of Awe (Shaman mastery required) that are flat damage modifiers. You will also want to prioritize the flat damage totem affixes found on chest and head pieces.

In terms of affix shards: totem damage > minion damage/critical strike chance in general. Minion spell damage will give higher ranges than general minion damage so I would prioritize those if you can. My build is critical strike based which is why I’m also looking for minion critical strikes as well

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