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How to regen mana?

the necromancer how to regen mana? when the mana empty I fell like that I can’t breathe, so there is a way to quickly regen mana? if you can share with me, be appreciated~~

As an Acolyte, Rip Blood can give you mana back (Mana Feast, up left of the tree).
You can also craft Mana Regeneration on your gear.

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You can also spec Drain Life to grant you mana based on how many minions it’s affecting (Grim Harvest Node & usually the Dark Shackles node so you can do other things while regaining the mana). If you’ve got Wraiths, that can give you a lot of mana.

You can also use a zero cost spell while you wait for the mana to regen naturally.

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Transplant also can grant up to 30 mana on use.


Wandering spirit has some kind of weak mana regen in the tree too … buts that no big gain in terms of net mana gain.


I like using skeletons for mana generation.

Pick the 15 mana on skeleton death node, 40% chance of skeleton revival, 80% mana efficiency and 1/2 in the summon extra skeleton per cast.
(Mind Catcher, Immortal, Unbound Necromancy and Empty the Graves).

Now you summon 2 skeletons for 18 mana and gain 30 back when they die.
Adding in their 40% chance of 0 mana cost revival, that’s on average another 6 mana per skeleton. That’s pretty much a net gain of 24 mana per cast.

Another bonus is that they generate ward upon death both through the skill node and the acolyte and lich passives.

As to making them die fast and for free, Skeleton Mage sacrifice is very nice, but there are plenty of other options for that as well. Marrow Shard consumption comes to mind.

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