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How to play offline/solo

I want to use cheats mod to give me gold because I hate to grind for gold so how I can play offline only.
When I play solo I get access to the global chat so I’m not “really” offline,I think.
I miss the offline Alpha debug mode T_T
It was nice to quickly up a class and test build.
I’ll never play the multiplayer part of this game,give me a SOLO mode with MY SAVE OFFLINE!
Please,I don’t give a broken sword about leader-thing…I just want to collect loot and test a bazillion of builds.
Don’t answer me with “but gold is easy to get”…I want to do what I want with my play time,I HATE single player game that force online only!
Thank you ^^

Pretty sure you can’t play offline and never will be able to.

Pretty sure I backed this game because Offline/solo mode xD

See below (from : ):

Do I need to be online to play single player?

We will be fully supporting offline single player. We will also have server authoritative online play. We are also working very hard to bring private servers and LAN play to our game.

Last updated: Thu, April 26 2018 4:34 PM CEST

I can play the pre-alpha again,I loved the debug mode ^^
I didn’t play a lot of the alpha because I was waiting for a true offline mode…I’m sad now…
Let me break the game with mods!!!
I love mods…mods everywhere…

I think they stated that offline wont be in Beta if im remembering correctly

Okay…I understand better now ^^
I was thinking “I’m blind where is the switch for offline mode?” xD
Wolcen,you can choose to create a character for online or offline play already.
Wishing the same for Last Epoch :slight_smile:

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